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Return to Hybrid Learning

Update: January 15 2021

The Harrison Central School District learning community is excited to welcome our students back to school. School is closed on Monday, January 18th, in observance of Martin Luther King Day. Hybrid learning resumes for all students on Tuesday, January 19, 2021 according to the schedule below. 

Keep Our Schools Healthy and Safe

All parents are required to answer the daily COVID-19 questionnaire every day. Students may only return to school if:

  • They are healthy, have not recently been exposed to someone infected with Covid-19. 

  • They have met all of the NYS criteria for individuals traveling out of state and provided documentation to the school nurse. 

Harrison High School and LMK Middle School

Tuesday, January 19th is PRIDE (Day 5): Students who learn in person in the Pride cohort should report to school. Wednesday, January 20th is HUSKY (Day 5):  Students who learn in person in the Husky cohort should report to school. 

New York State Department of Education cancelled all January Regents exams.  As a result, there will not be a dedicated exam week at Harrison High School. Midterm exams will occur during scheduled class time or as part of a student’s independent work.  

Elementary Schools

Tuesday, January 19th is PRIDE (D Day): Students who learn in person in the Pride cohort should report to school. Wednesday, January 20th is HUSKY (D Day): Students who learn in person in the Husky cohort should report to school. 

Virtual Students

Full virtual students will follow the schedule according to their HUSKY/PRIDE cohort.

Virtual Learning Options for Students

As Covid-19 infection rates have risen, more families have chosen the virtual option to educate their children. 

  • Virtual students may return to in-person learning beginning Tuesday, January 19,  if parents have provided the principal with prior notification of the plan to return.
  • If you have not notified the district of your decision to return children to in-person learning, you must notify the guidance counselor or principal and receive approval prior to students returning to school.
  • Families starting virtual learning must notify their principal or guidance counselor in writing of the date virtual learning commences. Students may return to in person learning at the start of the next semester or trimester.
Consent for COVID-19 Testing

The District is committed to keeping schools open for in-person instruction as long as it is safe for students, faculty, and staff. The New York State Department of Health has revised its guidelines mandating how schools in high positivity zones will administer COVID-19 screening tests to remain open for in-person instruction. We will implement these testing requirements, but require your assistance to maximize in-person instruction for students. We require advance consent for your child(ren) to participate in free COVID-19 testing provided at school by trained school nurses. The scheduling of on-site COVID-19 screening tests will occur at a future date if a school is designated in a high positivity zone. To learn more about the COVID-19 screening tests and to give consent for your child(ren) to participate, please click here.  

Free Meals Available for Students

The District is providing free breakfast and lunch for all students. For more information, visit the District’s Food Service webpage.  If you have questions, please call HCSD Food Services at 914-630-3114.

Revised Snow Day Procedures

As a result of Covid-19, students have experienced disruptions in learning. To minimize further disruptions, the District is adopting a new snow day policy:

  • When the Superintendent can reasonably anticipate a significant snow event in advance, a virtual learning day will be announced. Students will follow their Husky/Pride schedules:

    • Students scheduled to attend in-person learning will participate virtually. 

    • Students scheduled for learning from home will learn from home. 

  • Should a snow event cause widespread power failures, the Superintendent will cancel the virtual learning day and declare a snow day that does not require class attendance or participation.

  • The Superintendent will not declare a virtual learning day on the morning of a snow event. Should a snowstorm strike suddenly, in the late evening or early morning hours, a traditional snow day will be declared, and schools will be closed for faculty, students, and staff.