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Virtual Learning Options and Snow Days

Harrison Central School District's New Guidance on Virtual Learning Options and Snow Days 

Virtual Learning Options for Students

As Covid-19 infection rates have risen, an increasing number of families are choosing the virtual option to educate their children. The holidays present unique circumstances and the District will temporarily waive the policy permitting students to return from virtual learning only at the end of a semester or trimester.

Families electing virtual learning for the remainder of December must notify their principal or guidance counselor in writing of the date virtual learning will begin and the date for return to in-person learning. Virtual students may return to in-person learning between January 4th and 19th.

Students may only return to school if they are healthy, have not recently been exposed to someone infected with Covid-19, and met all of the NYS criteria for individuals traveling out of state. Parents are required to answer the daily COVID-19 questionnaire when students are learning virtually.

Snow Days

As a result of Covid-19, students have experienced disruptions in learning. To minimize further disruptions, the District is adopting a new snow day policy:

  • When the superintendent can reasonably anticipate a significant snow event in advance, a virtual learning day will be announced. Students will follow their Husky/Pride schedules:
    • Students scheduled to attend in-person learning will participate virtually. 
    • Students scheduled for learning from home will learn from home. 
  • Should a snow event cause widespread power failures, the superintendent will cancel the virtual learning day and declare a snow day that does not require class attendance or participation.

There still will be snow days! The superintendent will not declare a virtual learning day on the morning of a snow event. Should a snowstorm strike suddenly, in the late evening or early morning hours, a snow day will be declared, and schools will be closed for faculty, students, and staff.