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LMK Guide to Learning: Attendance

Attendance at school every day is of the utmost importance and has a significant impact on your child’s academic performance and connection to school.  Attendance is taken at the beginning of each period throughout the day.   New York State law requires that students attend school daily.

The attendance policy of the Harrison Central School District requires that parents/guardians notify the school of a student's absence. If the school is not notified by the parent, we contact the parent/guardian at home or work to notify them of the student absence. For each day a student is absent, parents/guardians should call the attendance office at 914-630-3041 by 9:00 a.m. to report the reason for the absence. If you call before 7:30 a.m. please leave a complete voice mail message regarding your child’s absence. 


If your student will be absent for an extended period of time (more than two weeks), under certain circumstances, the student may continue school work at home under the supervision of a home tutor. The child’s school counselor will contact the family to determine eligibility for tutoring. 


If your child is late, send them to school with a note explaining the reason for tardiness. If you have to pick up your child early, contact the Attendance Office at 914-630-3038. Go to the main office to sign your child out from school. Your child may not be released from school unless a designated parent/guardian goes to the main office in person.


Verified absences include absences due to illness, medical appointment, family emergency and religious observance. If a note is not received within 5 days, the absence will be considered unverified on the students record. Examples of verified excuses are: 1. Sickness of the student; 2. Sickness in the family (not to exceed three days); 3. Death in the  family; 4. Impassable roads.   Unverified absences include: 1. Work; 2. Running errands; 3. Vacations 

Family Vacations: Parents are asked not to plan vacations while school is in session. It is difficult for students to keep up with their school work when they are taken out of school for family vacations. 


There may be  times when a student is unable to attend a class.  In these instances,  students are encouraged to communicate with their teachers to make up missed work.  This is part of our goal to  work with all students to develop their communication skills and build agency at LMK.