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LMK Guide to Learning: Teaming

Teaming is an integral, research-based,  practice in middle school that promotes caring, communication, collaboration, and a personalized approach to teaching and learning. Teaming allows teachers to build relationships with students and get to know students’ unique qualities.  

At the beginning of the school year, students at each grade level are divided into teams that are thoughtfully constituted using all sources of information.  Students take core-curriculum classes with other students on their team (English Language Arts, Social Studies, Mathematics, and Science).  Quarterly rotational classes (Physical Education, Fine Arts , and World Language) are not team-based and include students from the entire grade level. 

Students start each day in a homebase with two teachers. Homebase is an opportunity for students to build relationships with teachers and peers, ready themselves for the day and participate in a weekly advisory session. Advisory is an opportunity for students to further develop the attributes of the learner profile through discussions and activities like stress management, peer relations, and navigating social media.   

The team structure at LMK provides common time for teachers on each team and grade level to regularly plan curriculum and review individual student progress. During this time, teachers, support staff, administrators, and often parents meet to partner in their support of students.  This planning time ensures that students across the grade level have an assured common experience that is personalized.